About Me

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur. I was raised to be a good student and to get a job straight after school. But had an itch to do more. I gave up my first great engineering job after graduating to travel to India then teach English in the Czech Republic.

After a year of adventure, I went back to school to study software user experience, married to my boyfriend FS near a beautiful beach in Barbados, got a fantastic job at a .com, and had my first child. When my dream job was derailed with the dot-com bust, I spent a great year at home with my newborn daughter and young son. Then I found another cool software job. That lasted until my employer opened a new office in Markham and wanted to send me there. Something had to give. I quit my now-distant job and moved from Toronto to the suburb of Burlington.

My entrepreneurial journey began when my old company asked me back to do a short contract. I named my company after my ancestry and started doing more user experience consulting. Celtic Consulting was born. I had stumbled into self-employment and I liked what I found.

Flash-forward a decade… I’ve continued to work as a self-employed user experience consultant. I’ve learned a lot, worked hard, and taken time to explore the world with my family. But again new horizons have appeared. My son left for university. My daughter went abroad for a year to study. And I started exploring entrepreneurship beyond self-employment. This blog chronicles my journey. I’m sharing it in the hopes that others will be inspired like I was to take control of their travels and go in new directions. I’m Dianne Howie and this is my story.